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Arcadia is a band that unites people in the need to preserve our environment and maintain consciousness of our everyday actions. The word Arcadia represents harmony with nature, and ideas of peace. The group consists of a quintet featuring Odin Scherer on guitar, Nicholas Augusta on piano, Solomon Gottfried on bass, Henry Mermer on percussion, and Adam Cordero on woodwinds. Arcadia holds benefit concerts for environmental causes, Adam is the leader/composer of the group.

3.6.20 - Williamsburg Music Center - Dedicated to Australia

"Blossom Suite: Dedicated to Australia" juxtaposes our world's inherent beauty with humanity's constructions in the Anthropocene era. The first movement, Duality is specifically focusing on this bifurcation; the next movement Eulogy is meant to act as tribute to the lost animals in the Australian Bushfires; and Australia brings the listener right to the Australian bush by usage of field recordings from the fires themselves. The second video listed is my composition "Apricity" which is about the sun's warmth, and how it affects us. All proceeds from this concert were donated to the Worldwide Fund for Australia + the Australian Red Cross. Thanks to everyone who came!

blossom suite: duality - 0:00  ||   eulogy - 4:23   ||  australia - 9:01

10.4.19 - Williamsburg Music Center - The Amazon

The "Spoiled Wilderness Suite" was written for our largest rainforest, the Amazon. The suite features seven movements (first five shown here), each of which is capturing a different sonic essence that forwards the need to preserve our environment. This concert was not only the debut of my large group, but also a fundraiser for the Amazon Rainforest. We raised hundreds of dollars for the Amazon Conservation Association. In the fourth movement, aptly titled, "Amazon," each member of the group is improvising the sounds of a different animal of the rainforest, along with a field recording of the bird "Screaming Piha." The second selection is my composition "Blossom," which is about change of season. 


spoiled wilderness suite: prelude - 0:00  ||  deforestation - 1:33  || if only - 3:06  || amazon - 4:45  || okjokull - 5:57